5-year warranty

unmatched performance

broad-scale Compatibility


When you choose Advanced Lithium, you are choosing the highest max-discharge currents on the market. Gone are the days of being short changed by your power supply.

Advanced Li battery packs pack a punch and provide enough power to ensure you get the highest performance across all applications.  


Every Advanced Li battery pack is composed of the highest quality cells to ensure high power outputs, fast charge times and superior resistance to the elements, all while maintaining a long design life.

Never sacrifice longevity for performance ever again. Advanced Li’s construction isn’t just designed for day 1, but for the years that will follow.


At the heart of the lithium battery pack is the Battery Management System. Advanced Li’s BMS unites and regulates all of the components of the pack to ensure not just performance, but performance when you need it.

Capable of processing regenerative currents, the BMS maximizes re-capture of energy and keeps your pack running longer.

Double current protections and sophisticated contactor relays give users full access to the power of Advanced Li, while also maintaining maximum safety. Current protections protect from hazards such as igniting and combustion, while the contactor relays provide a cool-down mechanism for the pack that avoids automatic shutdown and an abrupt stop to the pack’s application.